We stand together for equality and inclusivity! We believe that it's important for YOU to stand strong for who YOU are. This collection is created in celebration with our rainbow friends, so we had a chat with Sam and Cody on what Pride means to them, and what advice they would give their younger selves.

Hey Sam and Cody! Tell us about yourselves.

Cody - I am currently studying my Masters of Architecture at RMIT. I love catching up with friends and playing board games, reading, window shopping, going out!

Sam - You will either find me behind a ring light making comedy TikTok's or collaborating in the writing room working on my own cabarets and theatre shows. If you don't find me there, I will be swanning about in Myer with a soy flat white, on a dance floor requesting Whitney Houston, or trying to get five of my closest friends to have an intense d'n'm, because I need to feel an 'intense vibe tonight'.

What was the most important turning point in your life?

Cody - Before my top surgery I was conflicted as I wasn't sure if the people around me were ready but once I realised that sometimes the only person that has to be ready is yourself, it opened up a new realm of agency. From then on I had more confidence in myself and being in control of my journey.

Sam - Meeting Cody and realising that my sexuality could change. I am an 'all in' kind of person, and before I was 'all in' with Cody, I was 'all in' with regards to my label as being a lesbian. Deep down I knew my sexuality was more fluid than what I was expressing to the world. Falling in love with Cody and everything he is, I finally embraced the fact I was definitely bi.

What advice would you give to your younger selves? 

Cody - To keep going! Time is the ultimate healer and it's best not to rush. To have confidence in yourself. Sometimes people need to see you live your authentic life and still be happy and successful before they can start to support you. In the meantime, reach out to those you can trust and talk about your feelings.

Sam - You don't need to force a label, and if you do label yourself, it can change. Don't be so hard on yourself, keep an open mind and stick to people who listen to you, champion you and provide a judgement free space for you to be everything you are. more confidence in myself and being in control of my journey.

What does pride mean to you?

Cody - Pride to me is being completely yourself without that feeling of shame as there is nothing to be ashamed of! To stand your ground and tell the world who you are over and over again.

Sam - The confidence to be authentically me. I don't feel fear, I don't feel small and I don't feel ashamed.

How do you style your Volley Pride Deuce White and Trans Flag Heritage sneakers? 

Cody - I would wear my Trans Flag Heritage with denim jeans and a lighter tee, perfect with 'that' hoodie.

Sam - With a pair of vintage Levis, a cropped high-neck tank with a tiny embroidered heart, fun lil statement earrings, hair out, soft glossy lip and a Sharpay Evans walk.

Wear It With Pride

We are dedicated to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community with our Wear It With Pride collection. We hope that it inspired everyone to express their style of Pride however she/they/he sees fit. For every pair of sneakers and tee sold we will be donating $5 to our friends at Wear It Purple charity to support young rainbow people. View the new Pride collection here

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