October: Our Donation to the Black Dog Institute

October: Our Donation to the Black Dog Institute

Throughout the 'Mental Health Month' of October, we embarked on a journey to support the Black Dog Institute, an organisation committed to mental health research and programs. We're thrilled to announce that our collective efforts and your support enabled us to raise an incredible $8,440 for this vital cause.

VOL: Collaboration with brands like Volley is an exciting way to raise awareness. How has the partnership with Volley contributed to your mission, and what are the goals for this collaboration?

BDI: Our partnership with Volley has helped us to drive much-needed awareness of the current mental health crisis in Australia. By sharing information about mental illness, research, and support on Volley’s media channels, we’ve been able to reach a much larger audience with our mental health messaging.

Importantly, our collaboration with Volley during Mental Health Month has also generated incremental funding for Black Dog Institute, ultimately helping us continue to create better mental health for all Australians. 

VOL: Could you provide an overview of Black Dog Institute's mission and its impact on mental health awareness and research in Australia?

BDI: Black Dog Institute believes in better mental health for all. As a global leader in mental health research and the only one in Australia to investigate mental health across the lifespan, we provide services, programs and products to achieve better mental health for all Australians. Through science, compassion, and action, we know the power of better.

VOL: As an organisation dedicated to mental health, what are the key strategies Black Dog Institute employs to reduce stigma and promote mental well-being in society?

BDI: At Black Dog Institute we have a clearly articulated vision for a mentally healthier world, which is summed up in our organisation’s strategic objectives:

  1. Lead Australia’s population mental health and suicide prevention response through science, compassion and action.
  2. Transform clinical care for depression and anxiety through our expertise in digital mental health, novel treatments, and new models of clinical care.
  3. Be a trusted partner to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders and their communities to improve social and emotional wellbeing.
  4. Be a sustainable, fit for purpose, workplace of choice committed to employee development and diversity with a mentally healthy, purpose-driven, values-based culture.

VOL: Mental health research plays a pivotal role in your work. Can you share a specific example of how research findings have translated into real-world programs or initiatives benefiting individuals?

BDI: Our app, Sleep Ninja, is a great example. Research tells us that a significant number of mental health issues begin during early high school, often by the age of 14. At this crucial stage of development, 40% of young individuals face sleep problems, which can heighten their risk of experiencing anxiety or depression.

We've taken this research and transformed it into a practical app called Sleep Ninja that helps young people to enhance their sleep habits and overall sleep quality by leveraging cognitive behaviour therapy and mindfulness techniques.

VOL: Looking ahead, what are Black Dog Institute's plans for furthering mental health support and research, and how can individuals or organisations actively engage in supporting these endeavours?

BDI: It's important to address the fact that there's an urgent need for improved mental health solutions, as many individuals, including adolescents, will experience symptoms of mental illness. 

We're continuously researching to better understand the triggers and prevention of mental illness. Our aim is to develop tools and programs that create better mental health and social well-being for everyone.

Individuals and organisations can actively be a part of this journey by providing Black Dog Institute with financial support. Every contribution counts and helps us to drive positive, evidence-informed change in mental health where it’s needed most.

For more information about supporting Black Dog Institute check out their website here

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