Your Best Mate On Site: Why Roofers Trust Volley

Your Best Mate On Site: Why Roofers Trust Volley

Hey, roofers! We know you're all about safety and grip when you're up there. Let's talk about why Volley is your best mate on the roof.

Safety & Grip

Flat, rubbery soles are a must for maximum surface area and grip. Volley's got you covered.

Comfort & Durability

Long hours on the roof? No worries. Volley shoes are comfy and built to last.

Why Choose Volley?

  1. Herringbone Rubber Sole: Grips well on metal roofs
  2. Flat Sole: Ideal for maximum surface area
  3. Two Versions: Classic or steel cap - your choice

What To Avoid

Skip the golf shoes, heavy boots, and anything with ridges. They're not your mates on the roof.

Are They Just For Roofers?

Not at all - these Safety Shoes aren't just for the roofers. They're the real deal for all our hardworking tradies out there – plumbers, tilers, carpenters, you name it. Even our warehouse staff swear by them. Tough, comfy, and safe as a house.

Cost & Longevity

Expect to spend $59.99 to $79.99 on our Safety Shoes - depending if you want the steel cap version for that extra safety. Our tradies tell us they last a good 6-9 months of full-time roofing.

In the Aussie climate, nothing beats Volley, especially on those hot metal roofs... 

Keen to grab a pair? Check out our safety collection here.

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