We teamed up with our incredibly talented mate G Flip to launch our new Wear It With Pride collection, and celebrate diversity, equality and Pride. We spent a day on the beach and asked a few questions to get a glimpse of her journey, and how she empowers people to be who they truly are – all day every day.

Hey G! Tell our friends a little about yourself

What’s up! I’m G Flip, real name Georgia Flipo. I grew up near the beach just outside the city of Melbourne. I love playing drums. I played drums in bands for years before deciding to give my solo project a crack. From the age of 15 I was already secretly writing songs in my room but never showed anyone. In 2018 a song ‘About You’ - which I wrote and produced in my bedroom and it went viral, it blows my mind and I still can’t believe it happened! 

What event made the biggest impact on who you are today?

Probably coming out. I’ve always been my authentic self since I was very young but my sexuality was one thing I kept hidden and wouldn’t accept for quite a while. So when I finally came out later in life I was able to be my full 100% authentic self and it felt absolutely euphoric. The best feeling in the world. It made me dream bigger, see brighter, laugh harder and smile bigger. 

What does Pride mean to you? and why is this campaign important to you?

Pride to me means loving your authentic unique self and being proud of the journey you have gone through to get where you are today whatever that may have been!

What's one message you have for young rainbow people out there who are afraid to express themselves?

For anyone out there afraid to express themselves I’d say you’re not alone. I was once you. I was once in your position. Definitely look online for youth LGBTQIA+ groups, there’s so many now!!! I’ve been working closely with one called Minus18. Kids just like you feel the same way, so you’re not alone nor will you ever be and it’s okay to be afraid. 

What are some words of wisdom that have stuck with you all these years?

“create the things you wish existed” 

I wished as a kid that I had a queer female drummer icon to look up to; someone who wore clothes like me and made videos that I could watch while growing up. I wanted to be that person for the next generation. 

What advice would you give to your younger self?

I would tell myself…just because every girl wore dresses at their 16th birthday parties doesn’t mean you have too as well, Georgia. You’ve hated dresses since you were 2. Don’t conform because you’re afraid of being judged, just do you. Put those pants on and show everyone how sick you are at breakdancing!

How do you like to style your Volley Pride sneakers?

I like to style them with a matching volley pride sock, or a bold one colour sock. I also like to do my laces up like bunny ears because I never learnt the other hard way everyone else ties their shoes up. I also like to keep them as clean as possible!

For every Pride pair and Tee sold, we will be making a $5 donation to our friends at Wear It Purple charity to support LGBTQIA+ youth across Australia. View the new Pride collection here

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