Double-Up On Aussie Icons!

Double-Up On Aussie Icons!

The two silhouettes that will go down in history as Australian timeless sneaker classics are Heritage and International. The baby boomers will remember that Heritage helped tennis legend Mark Edmondson serve up aces and win the Australian Open in 1976 and that the Internationals were worn by attention and sneaker loving celebs such as ACDC Rockstar Angus Young. Shortly after the staple sneaker styles became dearly beloved by Aussies with good taste everywhere. So, buckle-up for a Volley speedy lecture on the differences between the two Icons;


These babies will for sure as hell not promise to keep you up to pace with Nick Kygrios, but they will make you look active (honestly, who doesn't want that). The Heritage features a regular ripped canvas upper, tennis embossing on the back and a 10mm footbed that will make for all-day-everyday comfiness.


If you thought the first drop of Internationals in the '70s was good, wait until you see the upgraded new International. The crisp sneaks feature a smooth canvas upper, iconic striped ribbon detailing, and a 5mm footbed. These sneaks will take you wherever you're going in style and comfort.

Combined in these two iconic silhouettes is style, history and culture, that still stay relevant in 2020. So double-up on the retro-inspired vibes and check out the Heritage selection here and Internationals here.

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