Cross Court Is Here

Cross Court Is Here

The Cross Court represents a carefully considered new direction for Volley.

We wanted to do a better job for the planet by taking advantage of the advancements in material technology by using more sustainable, recycled and environmentally friendly materials with less waste. It’s something which is becoming more important to our customers.

Our customers also expect enhanced comfort and lighter footw ear – Cross Court has both. You’ll feel it from your first wear. The computer knitted upper provides a custom fit which moulds to your foot, and minimises waste.

It’s what you wear post-play. After you cross the court to do other activities, be it social, work, active. Cross Court is an expansion of what we do; offering you a product which looks and feels different to what we currently have.

But Cross Court still embodies the spirit and values of our brand. It’s a shoe for everyone, is practical, versatile and can be worn for all kinds of purposes. It’s not a high performance sports shoe, but it has technology built into it which benefits the wearer. We’re not gonna shout about it. But we think it’s pretty cool. So, play on.

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