Cross Court: Volley’s Step Into Sustainability

Cross Court: Volley’s Step Into Sustainability

The Cross Court:

At Volley, our mission has always been to deliver versatile, stylish footwear that never compromises on comfort. Our Heritage collection is a testament to our commitment to this mission. Now, we're adding a new dimension to our brand – Sustainability. Meet the Cross Court – our earth friendly, comfortable footwear innovation. 

A Sustainable Future

In our journey towards a more sustainable future, we're thrilled to introduce our most environmentally friendly shoe yet - the Cross Court. This game-changer is meticulously designed with an upper composed of 50% recycled yarn. Not only that, the outsole utilises 10% recycled sugarcane and the webbing is 100% recycled material.

We’re showing that a shoe can be kind to your feet and to our Earth, with this conscious blend of materials.

Uncompromising Comfort

As a brand synonymous with comfort, we've made sure our sustainability efforts do not compromise the cosiness we’re known for. The Cross Court is not just kind to the Earth, but it’s also kind to your feet. It’s light, flexible, and made to mould to the contours of your feet, offering unparalleled comfort.

The Aesthetic Edge

The Cross Court combines sustainability with aesthetic appeal. With an array of colours that reflect nature, we've ensured that our dedication to the environment is mirrored in the shoe's design. Our vision was to prove that sustainability and style can coexist, and with the Cross Court, we believe we’ve achieved that.

Volley's Heritage

Building on our Volley Heritage, we've worked hard to ensure that the comfort you've come to associate with our brand hasn't been sacrificed in our move towards sustainability. The Cross Court embodies our commitment to keep evolving while staying true to our roots.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

We could go on about the virtues of the Cross Court, but the real proof is in the wearing. Experience the mix of sustainability, style, and comfort for yourself. Order your pair of Cross Courts now. You'll not only be stepping into a shoe but into Volley’s vision of a sustainable future.

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