This summer down under we will be listening to WA based Indie Rock due Old Mervs, comprised of David House on guitar and vocals, and Henry Carrington-Jones on drums. Upbeat, fun and melodic this two-man-band will for sure make it to our Spotify most played.

We were lucky enough to link up with the two fellas to chat about their music, what inspires them, and their style. Read on…

What inspired you to get into music?

Henry: mainly my Dad in my early upbringing listening to the Rolling stones, ACDC, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Clapton among others. He also taught me how to play Drums. Later, in high school, I got into bands like The Murlocs, Ocean Alley, Sticky Fingers, Mac Demarco and others. That really motivated/inspired me to play more!

David: I’ve had a passion for music and the culture around it since I was young. I think it was something I was always going to do! I wrote songs through school and after being around the Perth band scene post-school made me want to play/ perform.

Where did the name come from?

Henry’s old dog was called Mervin and Mervin came up in conversation while we were discussing potential band names. Henry then mentioned “yeh good old Merv” and from that came Old Mervs. Something different, sounds cool and looks decent!

Favourite songs to perform?

Cellphone is one of our own, and Awkward by San Cisco is always a fun cover to play!

Which tunes do you have on rotation?

At the moment David’s consists of “Made My Day” by the Stimpies, 4th and Roebling by the Districts and Lady Lie by Rainbow Kitten Surprise.

Henry’s is Sunburnt in July by Noah Dillon, Excuse Me by Pacific Avenue, and Jules Said by the Vann’s.

How would you describe the Australian music scene?

Diverse, one that is very much based on trends, surf culture, fashion and your ‘image’. There’s Crowd pleasing bands, funny, serious and entertaining acts, which all have their own sound, surely, it’s one of the best in the world, with such a wide selection of good artists!

Has music influenced the way you dress?

Yes, we would say fashion is big in music culture and that influences everyone in some way. Seeing what your favourite band wears gives you ideas. What bands wear can give off a lot about their overall image. Sometimes we listen with our eyes.

What pair of Volleys are your favourite?

Henry: Heritage High in the Green and Yellow
David: Heritage Low in Navy Blue

What’re your guilty pleasures?

David: “How I met your mother”
Henry: Nutella for breakfast

Where can we catch your next performance?

Milk Bar in Inglewood for New Year’s Eve with Verge Collection

Check out Old Mervs music here and follow them on IG here

Photo credit: Annie Lila Smith

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